Argonauts haven’t had the “Argo”. They haven’t had a beer, actually

Argonauts haven’t had the “Argo”. They haven’t had a beer, actually. Not even a drop. They have never heard about this drink. But they had stories. Really interesting ones. Maybe, they were drinking some semi-mythological drinks. Or maybe, not. Nobody really knows. We don’t know what would Argonauts think of “Argo”, or what would they do after tasting it, and how it could change their history.

Let’s focus on our stories, which are not that tragic, fortunately.
Let’s start with our history. The history of brand new “Argo”, which is back to life, and on this stage we belong to ourself, which means that “Argo” is bottle by “Argo” bravery. Basically, we are working on our own development.
Let’s continue with the fact, that we have already achieved really big goals – Our renovated enterprise was created by modern, European, standards, and the process was controlled by German specialists. We have found additional investments, increased the production, retrained old staff, and hired new professional employees. As a result, we have improved the quality and taste of the product. The factory’s building seemed to be a little conservative, so we asked our friend Mysia Keburia to paint it. She did and we love it! We came back with “Unusual Exhibition”, where our artist friends have created 15 different and unique labels. Amazed by the new style, we decided to turn the “Unusual Exhibition” into tradition and renew our labels every year. In between the “Unusual Exhibitions”, we are using our brand new label, which we like so much.
And, let’s finish with the fact that we are back to everyone who was waiting for us, we are back to every place, where we were awaited, and we are where the best stories are.

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